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  • Image Masking Service( Channel Mask )

Welcome to Clipping Experts India

Are you looking for outsourcing your images for editing with qualified and experience designers in a very low cost? Yes! your at the right place. We are providing you all kind of image editing service like clipping path service, image manipulation service, photo retouching service, image masking service, color correction service, re-sizing image and all other photo editing related service.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee you satisfaction. No payments required before the job is done & your are 100% satisfied.

Cost Optimized

Clipping Experts India provides professional image editing service at reasonable price. Our service starts from 0.29$ only.

Our Services

Clipping Path Service

Image background removal service is known as clipping path service. Using Photoshop pen tool we do the hand made path to remove background from images. It is the best way to remove background from image with great smoothness and quality. Clipping Experts India has 150+ photo experts to make clipping path, Multiple clipping path using Photoshop pen tool.

Photo Masking Service

Some complex images such as hair, brushes, feather, fur can not be done by clipping path, the unique technique of image masking is applied for those images. Clipping Experts India designers also work for this type of images very smoothly without loosing anything in the image. Photoshop has great color channel system that used to do the image masking service where clipping path does not work.

Manipulation Service

Image manipulation is nice technique to manipulate object of an image and create another one. It can be use for making new image with natural look such as an image of T-shit with an invisible body in it. By photo manipulation an ordinary image can turn into an extra ordinary photo. This technique can be used for neck-joint on a shirt, making various color on single product or multiple product etc.

Photo Retouching Service

Clipping Experts India is here to provide you Photoshop retouching services. Using this technique we remove spots and scratches, cracks, stains, creases from a photo of any kind of product, object or a human model. With the photo retouching service a Digital photograph can have very fresh look, a damaged image can have its original view, an old black & white image can turn to a color photograph.

Drop Shadow Service

Drop shadow is the graphical effect that looks exactly like natural shadow of an object. In an image, object may have shadow in a wrong direction, after removing the background using clipping path service our designers make natural black shadow with your desired direction. It looks natural, more beautiful with smooth edges with drop shadow service. Clipping Experts India has skilled designers..

Reflection Shadow Service

A reflection shadow also know as mirror effect that make the object of image more natural. Our experts team do the reflection shadow service with great natural looking using clipping path focusing on the accuracy of the image, smoothness of the edges, defined exact resolution of image. So you can use it for publishing on the web, printing or make a catalog of product.


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