File Upload Download Options

We have many option to upload your work image and download your completed image.


  1. Our FTP Server

    For regular file transmiting for our clients we provide our FTP server. If you want to use our FTP server for transmitting files please Contact Us. We will be happy to make a FTP account for you.

  2. Your personal FTP Server

    If you plan to use your FTP account insteed of ours, please let us know the FTP account information of workplace. We will download your images and upload them back to your server.

  3. Third Party FTP Facilities

    You can also use third party FTP service to send us files and receive them. There are most popular web FTP service like Wetransfer, SendThisFile, Hightail, Dropbox, Google Drive. You can use any of them as your FTP.

  4. Sending by Courier

    If you got to many big files and they are hard to send over internet you send them on portable hard drive, DVD, Blue Ray Disk or whatever you want by Courier service. Please Contact Us to talk more about this and get the postal address.


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