Q. What is Clipping Path ?

Ans: Clipping Path is great Photoshop pen tool to cut out digital images. It is the best way to remove/change background having great smoothness and quality.

Q. What Organization is CEI (Clipping experts India)?

Ans: CEI (Clipping Experts India) is an online graphic studio.And we providing clipping path, image masking, drop shadow, retouching service and other image manipulation services. Our aim is to grant your satisfaction.

Q. I uploaded a ZIP file on your FTP. How should I continue?

Ans: After complete uploading,send a confirmation email to our support service.And wait a few minute for our reply.

Q. How do i Pay?

Ans: We accept Paypal, Moneybookers, Bank Transfer. We also accepts Bank Cheque or whatever is good for you.

Q. How can I download the compressed files such as ZIP?

Ans: If you are downloading a zip, make sure all the parts going the same folder. Enter a new folder name or accept the default one and click "Save" to download the folder to your computer.
Download then install and run an unzip program such as the free 7-Zip or WinZip. Open the zip folder through the program to restore it to its original size. If you have split folders, the application may only reveal the first one in the sequence. However, as long as all parts are under the same directory, you can choose the first one to automatically rejoin all the parts and decompress the original.

Q. Fetching FTP is not working correctly. What to do now?

Ans: Check to see if the information you have entered (server name, username and passkey) is correct. Also check to see if the directory was entered correctly. Our application contacts your Fetch FTP server based on the entered information, so check to see if this directory does In fact contain the images in question.
Please note: It  impossible to place multiple files or zip files in the chosen directory. The images must be added to a file individually and unzipped.

Q. Can I download my photos via FTP? What should I do?

Ans: Yes Sure, You need to connect to our FTP server, we recommend using an Fetch FTP program such as Cyberduck, Filezilla or Fetch.
If there any problem , please contact our support service.

Q. Use a FTP client, but I can not upload images and receive a "critical transfer error".

Ans: Are you sure you are uploading files to the right directory? On your FTP folder has 2 subfolders: “To do” and “completed.” Images must always be uploaded into the “To do” folder.

Q. Is there a limit to the size of the file?

Ans: No, there are no limits to folder size. You don’t have to pay attention to folder size or the number of files being uploaded. We recommend you upload large numbers of images in batches so CEI (Clipping Experts India) can begin processing while  next batch is uploading.

Q. In which format Should I upload?

Ans: You can upload any type of file formats, including  PSD, JPEG,TIF and EPS. Also possible to upload GIF, BMP and PNG formats. Please note that few formats do not support clipping paths or transparent layer. In those cases, you will receive the photos with a white or transparent background and without a clipping path, Otherwise specified.

Q. What is FTP and how do I use it?

Ans: FTP( File Transfer Protocol) is a useful program that allows you to make a connection between our FTP server and computer. When using this program, you get our FTP folders to transmit photos between your computer and our FTP server.

Q. How can I change my account information?

Ans: You can easily change address and passkey by logging into your account and clicking “My Account.”  There you can changes your address or password. If you want to change your e-mail or company name, please contact CEI (Clipping Experts India) support center.

Q. Have you received my payment?

Ans: If your payment has been made and that has been done online, you will receive an e-mail confirmation, which includes a  invoice. If you haven’t received that confirmation, something went wrong with the payment. Please contact CEI (Clipping Experts India) support center if this is the case.

Q. How does PayPal work?

Ans: PayPal is an online payment gateway system that uses e-mail  to identify both sender and recipient. Payments are made from the PayPal of the purchasing party to the PayPal account of the vendor party.
For More Details Check Paypal Website - www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/how-paypal-works

Q. I paid for my work with PayPal, but I have not received a notification from CEI (Clipping expert India)

Ans: The most common reason for this problem is the Paypal  eCheque system. Payments by eCheque take 3 to 7 working days to process. Payment of the work will be confirmed that moment we receive the payment in our PayPal. If you are a  PayPal account holder, we recommend that  you do not use eCheque.

Q. Tried to pay online, but I do not know if my payment has been accepted.

Ans: After  a successful payment transaction, you will  receive a confirmation via e-mail with the invoice as attachment. If you don't received that e-mail, something has gone wrong and we suggest to  contact CEI (Clipping Experts India).

Q. A number of my images is not (on the right) in the description in miniature. Why not there?

Ans: This is because the files were damaged/corrupted   during the uploading process or only partially uploaded. This can be a number of causes. Instantly   remove them and try uploading them again.

Q. How long it may take to edit my photos?

Ans: CEI (Clipping Experts India) maintains a turnaround time of 24 hours for 50 to 150 images., Larger files can take  more time,The complexity of image can also affect the turnaround time.

Q. I need isolated images back immediately. Can you give priority to my pictures or give an express service?

Ans: At CEI (Clipping Experts India)all images are processed as faster as possible. If u need your image immediately, we will try to do it within 24 hours. But sometime you need to pay a extra amount for urgent delivery  (depend on your image complexity.We will do our best to  finished that on  time! 
Please note: CEI (Clipping Experts India) will return the images to your account. The download time is depends on your Internet connection speed and the number of images, the folder size per image.

Q. How is determined the complexity?

Ans: CEI (Clipping Experts India)  bases the complexity of an image on the number of anchor points we need to place to ensure a good-quality clipping path service.

Q. Do not agree with the budget and complexity?

Ans: CEI (Clipping Experts India) bases the complexity of an image on the number of anchor points we need to place to ensure a good-quality clipping path service. If you do not agree with the budget, please contact our support service. We are prepared to take another look.

Q. Not satisfied with the result. Rejection of the image?

Ans: Until you’r not happy we’re not happy! That is why you can resubmit images if you are not happy with the result.
Please indicate the reason why you reject image. We will try our best to make you satisfy this time.

Q. Is there any discount for a great amount image editing?

Ans: Yes sure, you can get good discount on your big order from us. But you need to contact to our support center first.

Q. Can CEI (Clipping experts India) crop / re-size my photos?

Ans: Yes sir, We can do that but you need to give us some instruction about your image size.

Q. I have photos of people (models) that must be isolated with masking. You can also do this CEI (Clipping experts India)?

Ans: Yes, CEI (Clipping Experts India) provides image masking. Masking an objects means   removed the background based on pixels and some pixels in the object are made transparent. If you want images to be masked, you can select this in the “Form” field.

Q. What additional services you offer?

Ans: We offer Web designing and  development with popular CMS like Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal. We also Do E-commerce website with Magento or Opencart CMS.

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